Adam Greenberg January 16th, 2019

Adam Greenberg shares the mic with me on the January 16th, 2019 show.  Adam is inspiring, not only for the work he does at, but also for the charity work he does to make sure that he can provide an opportunity to those less fortunate.

Have a listen and if you are motivated to, have a look at his charity and see how you can help him help others.

Questions from the audience:

How can we help others do this?

We can help others understand their value by asking a series of simple questions.  What do you do? Why do you do it? Who do you do it for? Why should they care about you?  What makes me different from my competition?

The more we can openly and honestly answer these questions, the closer we are to being able to communicate our true value to those who will listen, understand, and engage.

Do we need to think this way in business?

We absolutely do!  If we do not think about our customers first and foremost, what their issues are and how we can honestly solve them, all we are is another low cost, commodity solution that can be replaced by someone else at any time.

What if we can’t solve the problems of others?

Then they are not your true customers.  If we cannot solve a problem for our customers, then it is outside our area of expertise and that is ok.  We cannot solve every problem for all people. . .  that is unrealistic.  However, if we can point them in the right direction, or better off, introduce them to someone who can solve that particular issue, they will remember this and either refer others to us or come back when you have a problem that you can solve.

What audience do we appeal to and how do we know who they are?

Every single company needs to find this out for themselves.  It is a journey that we take our clients on, asking them hard questions and giving them time to reflect.  It is about taking the time to honestly figure out what your value is, what problems you can solve and then going out to look for people or companies who already have those problems.

Karin Tischler – January 9th, 2019

Karin Tishler from Emily’s Path joins me on the air January 9, 2019, to talk about Returnships and how to bring people who have been out of the workforce, raising a family, for a number of years back into the workforce successfully and productively.

You can contact and look at the work of mentioned in the broadcast

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The biggest question that came out of this is, does this work.

Does bringing women who have been out of the workforce for a number of years, back to positions of responsibility work?

The answer is when done correctly, YES!

These women are far more motivated to succeed within the positions they are in, work more diligently, are more loyal to companies and better champions of the brand.

The trick is supporting their re-entry in a way that allows them to be successful and integrate fully.

It takes planning, communication, re-training of some technical skills, and support, but these employees will be there much longer and provide a much higher ROI in the long term when the right processes are in place.