Amy Waninger on the July 10th, 2019 show

Amy Waninger is my go to person for Diversity and Inclusion.  She is not only passionate about the subject, but she is an engaging speaker who can enable people to understand how to “Network Without Bias.”

Amy can be found at and you can purchase a copy of her book there as well.




Angus Reid on the July 3rd, 2019


I grew up watching Angus Reid play on the BC Lions Football Team. With 13 years in the CFL, including winning the Grey Cup in 2006 and 2011, Angus knows what it is like to work hard, adapt to change and become a champion.

Angus and I spend our time talking about how his lessons on the field helped him create a life after football and how his success on-field can help you create your successful life, off-field.

You can find Angus and get a copy of his book at

You can also find him, if you need someone to take care of your insurance for you Reliance Insurance.



Bobby Umar February 6th, 2019


Bobby Umar is a five-time TEDx speaker who adds value to audiences worldwide. His passion is to help people understand their personal brand and the value that they bring to others.

We spent the time today talking about how to become a TEDx speaker and what the things are you did not know you did not know.

You can listen to the show on IHEART RADIO HERE.


What business takes you on so many travels?

The three things that I focus on are consulting, workshops and keynote addresses designed to help businesses and individual departments within them, to understand how to create influence through trust.

It is about understanding what you do, why you do it, who you do it for, why those people should care about you and how to communicate all of that to them effectively.

Right now, my focus in on North American clients, but I am available to work with people wherever they need me either live or through Zoom.

Contact me HERE to schedule a free meeting to talk about your needs.

I will be announcing new boot camps over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, please click on the image below and contact me to find out if my new mastermind will fulfill your needs.

Does your focus shift as we go through life?

Your focus should always change as you gain different experiences and move through life. We are a culmination of our experiences, lessons learned and our values. What I valued at twenty is not what I value at nearly fifty and that is okay.

In other words be your own critic?

Always be a critic but in a positive way. Beating yourself down and thinking less of your yourself helps no one. However, evaluating what your strengths are, and what they are not, and fixing what you can, and getting help with what you cannot, makes us all better and allows us to serve our audiences better.

Is “how can I be better” be a question we should ask our selves?

Absolutely.  This is how we all get better at what we do. If we take the time to understand that there might be a better way of doing something or a different way of approaching a problem, we are on a path to change for the better.

Never assume you know everything and that your point of view is correct for everyone. Your beliefs are yours and you need to evaluate them, but if they are things you have wrestled with and still believe, they are yours and they are valid for you.  It does not mean everyone will think the same way, or even agree with you, but that does not make you wrong, it just means you have a different point of view.  Embrace yours, but always be willing to listen to others with an open mind, it is amazing what you might learn.